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We are proud and happy to present our latest product in line with our energy efficiency business, T5 fluorescent lamps. We are offering free replacements of traditional T8 fluorescent lamps with new T5 fluorescent lamps which have many advantages over its older counterpart.


T5 Q&A

1. Q: Why is it free?

A: We are working with the NSW government’s lighting rebate scheme, which aims to reduce energy usage. The NSW state government provides a certain budget for each of the T8 or T12 tubes that are replaced with the more energy efficient T5 units. As the retailer, we cover the cost of the equipment and installation through this government rebate scheme, meaning there is no cost to you. *conditions apply, refer to Question 3.

2. Q: What are the benefits? Why should I bother to do this?

a. Completely free of charge to upgrade

b. Save up to 50 per cent of lighting bill

c. We prepare all the government related paper works for you

d. More environmentally friendly

3. Q: What are the conditions to apply?

A: solution 1: your building or premise is under air-conditioning and there is more than 100 tubes need to be replaced, then you are eligible to apply, we will cover all labours and tubes cost.

Soulution 2: if you are building or premise is under air-conditioning however, there is not enough for 100 tubes, you may apply for the tube, and you may need to replace by yourself.

4. Q: What documents do we need?

A: We will need your electricity bill and an authorised person to sign our contract. As we will need to apply to government, We may also need you to show us your floor plan, and allow us to take photos in your building.

5. Q: Will the installation affect our daily working schedule?

A: No, we have a professional installation team who are quiet and take up as little space as possible. It only takes one minute to replace one tube. However, we can also install the tubes outside of your working hours if you require.

6. Q: What I should do with the old tubes?

A: You may keep your old tubes if you wish, or we are happy to provide a free recycle service for you.

The T5 fluorescent lamps have been introduced in the American market in 1995, and many manufacturers in America are aggressively marketing the T5 fluorescent tubes over the older T8 fluorescent lamps. T5 fluorescent lights have proven to be successful over the past decade in America in providing end users energy efficient lighting solutions, and hence we are offering this service in Sydney, completely free of charge.

The T5 lamps consume minimal energy, 22W, as opposed to 40-50W consumed by the T8 lamps, hence represent more than 50 per cent energy savings from lighting requirements. The electronic ballasts installed in each of the T5 tubes eliminates the need of a traditional starter, as is the case with the T8 lamps, hence can be switched on instantly and further reduces the energy intensity of the lamps.



What is more amazing is that T5 lamps have similar, if not better luminous efficacy than the T8 lamps, so you can enjoy energy savings without compromising the lighting requirements of your work or home space. Most office spaces in Sydney are using traditional T8 lamps, so there are many energy saving potentials to be realized.

We can offer this service completely free of charge because of the NSW government’s lighting rebate scheme. The NSW state government provides a certain amount of budget for each of the T8 lamps replaced with the more energy efficient T5, and as a retailer, we cover the cost of installation and equipment costs through this government rebate scheme.

NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) –

Accordingly, we will leave those T8 with existing electronics ballasts as they are.

If you are interested in making significant saving on your office electricity bill, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated staff, so we may give you more detailed information on how to arrange the installations for your place.

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