how it works

1. Solar Array

  • UV rays hit the PV solar array; the Monocrystalline cells convert the sun’s rays into DC electricity.

2. Inverter

  • The generated DC electricity travels to the inverter where it is converted to stable AC electricity that can be used by your business.

Green Reliance How It Work


3. Power Board

  • Electricity from your inverter enters your power board where it is then routed to power your premises.

4. Utility Power Grid

  • Excess electricity produced by your solar system is metered and fed back into the power grid. You will be payed a ‘feed in tariff’ for any electricity which is exported.

5. Monitoring:

  • System performance information is relayed from the inverter to a display screen with remote access via the internet. This feature is an optional add-on to the systems we provide.

6. How solar meter works:


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